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North Logan, Cash County UT


Branded Generator Repair in North Logan, UT

You’ll probably encounter electrical or mechanical issues eventually with your generator, no matter the brand. When that happens, you'll need to hire an electrician in North Logan, UT who knows how to fix your generator. As a leading electrical contractor in North Logan, UT, Timberline Electric, Inc. is happy to serve you.

Knowledgeable Electricians You Can Count On

At Timberline Electric, Inc., we choose our electricians wisely. Our team includes dedicated generator repair professionals who are comfortable working with all sorts of generator brands on the market. Even if you don't own the most popular model, you can turn to us to fix it nonetheless. We pride ourselves on our thorough approach to generator repairs; and we keep our rates reasonable to serve customers like you.

So don't throw out that generator when it starts giving you trouble. Instead, call on Timberline Electric, Inc., and let us get your generator up and running again. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.